As we managed VYPER from 2014-2016 (administered by Abbotsford Community Services and funded by Health Canada), we learned a lot about helping youth-related programs from Burnaby to Boston Bar be more intentional and innovative about how they help youth recognize, demonstrate and develop their strengths. Now we are starting to share these learnings to help continue and enhance youth-adult partnership in our communities.

  • Download our “Making Resilience Happen Through Youth-Adult Partnership” document (originally released in 2015, and updated in 2016).
  • And now you can WATCH videos produced about the 4 core principles that were at work in VYPER! Watch the introductory video and the four core principles video. Try watching and discussing as adults, then watch and discuss with young people you might want to collaborate with.

1. Introduction

2. Working with an Allyship and Anti-Oppression Lens

3. Building on What Already Exists

4. Clarifying Specific Opportunities and Supports

5. Get Ready to Hit the Ground Running!