FLOH can be looked at as a progress marker in a long line of developments that Impact and its community partners across the Fraser-Salish region have plunged themselves into over the last decade—working to transform “service-provision” to individuals into “community-building” that involves, protects, challenges, and benefits everyone. Milestones and recurring activities/outputs specific to FLOH have been and will be:

  • We anticipate having 4 community youth meetings per week 
  • We anticipate at least 10 regional youth meetings per year 
  • We anticipate at least two events to occur in each of the 4 communities on a quarterly basis
  • We anticipate FLOH youth will provide peer navigation an average of 20 times per week

We will constantly be looking for additional resources, partnerships and funding opportunities to further scale out, up and deep with the efforts and ideas of the youth involved with FLOH.