To get direct phone numbers or email addresses for one of our staff, please call Michele Christie at our main phone number: 778-347-8664 or email [email protected]

  • Brian Gross, BFA, MFA, MC, CCC, Executive Director
  • Michele Christie, Administrative and Community Coordinator
  • Youth/Family Substance Use Counselling
    • Dave Bahre, BA, DipSUS, Counselling Team Lead/Counsellor
    • Brian Gross, BFA, MFA, MC, CCC, Counsellor
    • Becca Reed, BA, Counsellor
    • Colleen Harder, BA, Counsellor
  • NoW (Nation of Wellness)
    • Jordie Lynn, Coordinator
    • Marcie Pruden, Facilitator
    • Mena Beatch, Adult Facilitator
  • DWS (Drug War Survivors)
    • Amanda Staller, Coordinator
    • Herman Mann, Assistant

Contracted clinical supervisor: Janit Doyle, MSW, RSW