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Brian Gross, BFA, MFA, MC, CCC, Executive Director

Lauren Poirier, BA, Administrative and Community Coordinator


  • Brian Gross, BFA, MFA, MC, CCC, Counsellor
  • Dave Bahre, BA, DipSUS, Director of Counselling/Counsellor (on leave)
  • Becca Reed, BA, Counsellor
  • Colleen Harder, BA, Counsellor (on leave)
  • Tasha Baker, BA (in progress), Practicum Student
  • Taylor McDonald, BSW (in progress), Practicum Student
  • Jaime Ewing, BSW (in progress), Practicum Student

Janit Doyle, MSW, RSW, Contracted Clinical Supervisor

Peer Programs

  • Brittany Maple, Director of Peer Programs, Drug War Survivors Coordinator
  • Marcella Sunshine, Indigenous Co-Executive Director (in training), VYPER Co-Coordinator
  • Sho Murray, Peer Programs Facilitator
  • James Alexo, Peer Programs Practicum Student
  • Kat Wahamaa, Reducing Overdose, Abbotsford Response (ROAR) Coordinator

To contact any of our staff, call 800-397-0260 and press the corresponding extension number.