NOW HIRING: Two Summer Students (age 15-30), 30 hours per week, starting ASAP or by the beginning of July. Application deadline: May 25, 2018!

Details:  Impact Canada Summer Jobs Posting – 2018

  • Brian Gross, BFA, MFA, MC, Executive Director/Counselor
  • Michele Christie, Administrative and Community Coordinator
  • Dwayne Tremblay, DipSUS, Outreach Counselor
  • Dave Bahre, BA, Counselor
  • Ruth Haney, BA, MC, DipSUS, Counselor
  • Nikki LaRock, Who We Are, What We Are, Why We Are (WWA3) Coordinator
  • Amanda Bonella, Drug War Survivors Program Coordinator
  • Student Employees
    • Marcie Pruden, Community Drug Dialogue Assistant
    • Andrew Millage, Community Drug Dialogue Assistant
  • Practicum Students

Contracted clinical supervisor: Janit Doyle, MSW, RSW