Services in the Schools | Intervention

Not only are many youth in Abbotsford and Mission exposed to alcohol and other drugs at a young age, but some end up being under the influence or using, possessing or exchanging drugs while they are on or near their school campuses.

SD34Charged with keeping the schools and the youth in them safe, school staff, faculty and administrators do their duty to intervene when drug possession, use and intoxication are encountered on or near campus.

We therefore receive numerous referrals from schools. After an assessment, we may collaboratively determine with a referred youth that our “New Direction” program would be a good fit.

The goal of the program is to turn what is often seen as a time of punishment into a time for reflection, support and education. We aim to provide an opportunity to encounter and experience the effects of positive alternatives (rather than just negative consequences) that might reduce the possibility of future incidents and long-term problems.

The objectives of our intervention programs are:

  • To create an environment where participants feel valued and supported.
  • To provide an interactive experience that participants feel has relevance and importance to their lives and current situations.
  • To help participants understand their values and how these values are currently reflected in their behaviours and lives.
  • To help participants consider the role that alcohol and other drugs are playing in their lives.
  • To increase the number of responsible and non-judgemental adult allies that participants feel they can turn to, should they feel a need for additional support.

If you would like to refer a youth to Impact’s services, go to our Get Connected page for information and resources.