Services in the Schools | Groups

SD34IMPACT periodically initiates and supports in-school groups for local students. These groups can focus on specific topics or demographics, addressing research-based factors that have been shown to place youth at risk of drug involvement and to protect them from both drug involvement and the risks that can be associated with drug involvement. These groups usually meet once a week for a period of 4 to 8 weeks at a time.

Protective factors:

  • strong and positive family bonds;
  • parental monitoring of children’s activities and peers;
  • clear rules of conduct that are consistently enforced within the family;
  • involvement of parents in the lives of their children;
  • success in school performance; strong bonds with institutions, such as school and religious organizations; and
  • adoption of conventional norms about drug use.

Risk factors:

  • chaotic home environments, particularly in which parents abuse substances or suffer from mental illnesses;
  • ineffective parenting, especially with children with difficult temperaments or conduct disorders;
  • lack of parent-child attachments and nurturing;
  • inappropriately shy or aggressive behavior in the classroom;
  • failure in school performance;
  • poor social coping skills;
  • affiliations with peers displaying deviant behaviors; and
  • perceptions of approval of drug-using behaviors in family, work, school, peer, and community environments.