Services in the Schools | Counselling

Youth can have special challenges that adults don’t have when it comes to seeking and receiving counselling for drug and alcohol-related issues.

SD34Chief among these may be limited transportation options and constraints that may be imposed by school, extra-curricular activities, peer pressure or the direction of adults. So IMPACT counsellors regularly make themselves available where many youth are during the weekdays – in the schools.

With a presence on every secondary school campus in School District 34, arranging an appointment with an IMPACT counsellor during school hours is easy: youth can call IMPACT directly, or they can ask their regular school counsellor to set up an appointment for them. School staff and counsellors also frequently recommend youth to IMPACT counsellors.

We are available to help both using and non-using youth, as well as those who may feel negatively affected by other people in their lives who are using, abusing or addicted to alcohol and other drugs – such as family members or friends.