Services In the Community


In order to reach all those who need our services, IMPACT delivers services in our facility, at schools and also in the community – both to reach at-risk youth and to engage members of the greater community who have opportunities everyday to positively affect the lives of youth.

IMPACT recognizes that the causes and remedies for alcohol and other drug use, abuse and addiction are complex. To confront this complex problem as effectively as possible, IMPACT develops its programs based upon the most up-to-date research and evidence available in the field.

Current research shows that one of the main determining factors in whether a youth will develop a problem with alcohol and/or other drugs, and how far down that road they may have to travel, is the amount of responsible and non-judgmental adult support they feel they have in their lives.

While parents and legal guardians may be the obvious first resources for this support, research shows that the more adult allies a youth feels he or she has, the better protected he or she will be. So IMPACT not only works with youth and families, we work in the community – with social clubs, faith communities and at youth-oriented events.

As in our work directly with youth, we don’t aim to tell anyone what to do or how to do it. In our outreach, workshops and counselling in the community, we simply help community members to understand the facts and think about the issues surrounding addiction. Most importantly, we aim to provide a space where youth and adults alike can think about what role they may have to play in addressing these pressing issues that not only impact youth, but the entire communities of Abbotsford, Mission and the Fraser Valley.