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outreachIMPACT has counselling staff whose primary mandate is, rather than meeting youth in our facility, meeting them in the community.

By having a presence at common youth hang-outs, at youth court and in other places where youth work, study and play, IMPACT aims to become a known quantity in the lives of youth in the Abbotsford and Mission communities.

In early 2016, a group of youth (calling themselves “The Huddle”) who had experience with our organization and services encouraged us to start regular outreach at Mill Lake. They knew that many youth who don’t have strong connections with adults or youth services tend to hang out there. And they thought those youth would benefit from having the chance to connect with our “awesome” staff (their words). Together we developed free-youth-hot-dog-day“Free Youth Hot Dog Day,” which was such a success that we continue (with Abbotsford Community Services Youth Resource Centre) to go out to Mill Lake weekly with hot dogs, warm soup, hot chocolate (whatever the weather and the youth suggest) and a friendly face.

We make sure not to crowd the youth there, many of whom may have reasons and experiences that make them cautious – allowing them to approach us as discretely or openly as they’d like. And we’ve been delighted to see that being there regularly has led to a lot of new youth connecting with us when they are in a bind – or introducing new youth who they think could use some adult support to us.

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