Services at Our Facility | Individual Counselling

One of the main services IMPACT provides at our facility is individual counselling. Youth interested in counselling can either call to make an appointment or just drop in to our facility, where they might be able to see a counsellor immediately or will be able to make an appointment.

Youth may also be recommended to our counselling services by school staff, the legal system or family members. In some cases counselling sessions may be mandated as a condition of parole or continued attendance at a school – however, all counselling services are also available on a purely voluntary basis.

Some issues or situations that IMPACT can assist youth with during individual counselling include, but are not limited to:

  • Referrals to detox, risk management and recovery programs
  • Dealing with issues that increase the risk of problematic drug use (stress, communication skills, goal setting and follow-through, effective decision making, relationship issues, employment/school issues)
  • Dealing with the consequences of drug use (conflict with family or friends, mental and physical health, legal issues)
  • What to do when the drug use of family members or friends are negatively impacting your life