Parent/Caregiver Group

During COVID-19, our Parent/Caregiver Group is on hiatus, but please do feel free to contact us at 800-397-0260 to get connected with a counsellor for one-to-one support.

We all want the young people in our lives to grow into healthy, happy adults. Helping them bridge from the dependency of childhood, into necessary experiments with independence in adolescence, and into a thriving balance of interdependence in adulthood is no small feat! Our hats are off to every adult who takes on this challenge and struggles with all of its dilemmas.  

Parenting and caregiving, we think, is a bit like calculating an irrational number, like Pi. It would be nice if you could just do one calculation to get to the 1000th decimal. But, no, you have to do all 1000 calculations to get there! (Or, someone has apparently already worked that out with this formula: Pi = SUMk=0 to infinity 16-k [4/(8k+1) – 2/(8k+4) – 1/(8k+5) – 1/(8k+6)], but you get the point).  

Join other parents/caregivers (including our parent co-facilitator) for a 5-week group of support and learning… with the acknowledgement that what we need to learn may not already be known. We may have to create and experiment with new knowledge to meet each person’s unique circumstances.