PRP2 (Parents R People 2)

8-Week Parent/Caregiver Group
[for caregivers of substance using youth & young adults]

Impact’s totally reworked parent/caregiver group PRP2 (Parents R People 2) will run for the first time starting on Tuesday, October 17.

Like our previous parent group, it will run for 8 weeks (last session, December 5) and from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

It’s easy to become preoccupied with behaviours that loved ones may be tangled up in. Sometimes we can even become as tangled up in their situations as they are!

That’s not good for anyone.

Concerns, troubles, and disagreements are guaranteed in life and the parenting journey. What can we do to be in a better place to bounce back and even learn and grow from them?

Research shows resilience is the rule, not the exception. When our human needs are met, we are more resilient.

PRP2 is a chance for caregivers to explore and share the wisdom, experience and gifts that help us learn, grow and show up still living our values (and therefore valuing our lives), despite—even because of—the challenges we face.

Session 1: Risks and Rewards
Session 2: Human Needs
Session 3: Truth and Knowledge
Session 4: Self-Care and Forgiveness
Session 5: Recharge!
Session 6: Boundaries, Expectations & Change
Session 7: Respect and Values
Session 8: Harvest!

Contact [email protected] or 604‐853‐1766 to register. Brief intake required. Open to parents, caregivers & others concerned about young people (under 25) in our community. The young person does not have to be involved with Impact’s services in order for a caregiver to attend.

Download our PRP2 Program Poster