Outputs and Outcomes

A brief snapshot of VYPER’s outputs (as of October 2016, when the project ended):

  • A total of 1590 VYPER-related activities and events took place in Hope-Boston Bar (192), Chilliwack/Agassiz-Harrison (314), Abbotsford/Mission (259), Fraser North (267), Fraser South (194), and regionally/provincially/nationally (364).
  • VYPER activities and events were attended by 14,030 youth and adults, including 3,513 youth, 4,164 managers, 5,268 staff, and 1,085 other adults. The number of individuals experiencing secondary benefits continues to grow as new projects and events emerge from the youth-adult partnerships that were developed through VYPER.
  • The activities and events included 360 Youth-Adult Partnership meetings, 324 youth gatherings, and 906 adult meetings.
  • A total of 143 organizations received grants, engaged with VYPER youth on projects, and/or contributed substantially to moving forward VYPER’s youth-developed mission and vision. Project partners provided a total of $1,064,450 of in-kind contributions.

The VYPER project was evaluated by the McCreary Centre Society about its outcomes with individual youth, behaviour changes of organizations, and community/systems-level capacity building. Some of the report’s major findings are summarized below (download complete report):

  • Individual Level (Youth): Over 90% of youth survey respondents indicated that: Youth and adults worked well together (97%); Youth and adults worked together as partners (97%); Adults consulted with youth on project activities (97%); Adults seemed comfortable working with youth (95%); Adults provided direction and mentoring to youth (92%); Youth and adults helped one another develop new skills (92%); Youth seemed comfortable working with adults (90%).
  • Organizational Level: 137 organizations (from 12 different sectors, e.g. First Nations, Health, Education, Non-Profits, Businesses, Faith-Based Organizations, Municipal Governments) self-reported on significant new, enhanced & expanded behaviours related to youth-adult-partnership (strategic planning, knowledge exchange, evaluation). 
  • Community/Systems Level: Using the validated Community Capacity Building Tool, 30+ key informants from 6 areas across the region participated in focus groups that reported capacity on 9 dimensions, which moved from an average score of 1.67 to 3.43 (out of 4) within the 2.5 years of the project.