Lives, Livelihoods, Quality of Life

Universal Human Needs

Sometimes we can get caught up in pissing matches. Who has it the worst? There’s plenty of evidence that the ways we may commonly measure success (health, wealth, acclaim) actually don’t account for much. There are countless examples of people with health, wealth and acclaim who are miserable or even suicidal. There are also countless examples of people without significant health, wealth and acclaim who manage to live lives that contain great purpose, light, gratitude and love.

While it is true that a person has to have a life in order to have concerns related to livelihood and quality of life, our experience is that these concerns are present in every life. We therefore view protecting people’s livelihoods and quality of life as equally important to protecting life itself. We believe that the stronger the relationships people have with each other, the better basis they have to care for each other, and to be collaborative and creative when troubleshooting barriers to that care being expressed and felt.

Relationships: A Foundation for Innovation

Lives, Livelihoods, Quality of Life: Universal Human Needs

Everyone Valued for Their Experience: A Humanistic Approach