Information for Parents and Guardians

For many parents and teens the teenage years can be trying.

While parents may look at all the dangers awaiting their children and want to shelter them from harm, many parents also see value in offering their children the opportunity to make and learn from their own mistakes.

Finding the right balance can be difficult. Admittedly, some dangers are deadly, others can set in motion habits and even diseases that can be hard to turn around.

At IMPACT, we aim to help both parents/guardians and youth to look at what they are doing, examine the results they are getting (both in terms of the effect they are having on the lives around them and in terms of the toll certain actions may be taking on their own lives), and to identify some changes they can make – even if only as an experiment – to see if changed actions can lead to changed results – hopefully moving in the desired direction.

REGISTER NOW: Impact’s 8-Week Parent Merge Group for caregivers of youth and young adults who are using substances runs on Tuesdays from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Click here for: More Details