Services in the Schools


IMPACT’s staff works closely with administrators, teachers and staff of School District 34 in Abbotsford to provide a wide range of services. Our work in the schools is focused mainly on prevention efforts, of which there are three widely recognized phases:

sd34-logoPrimary Prevention: Aims to help individuals avoid ever developing problematic drug use patterns. These efforts are aimed at all youth, especially at the elementary through middle school ages. Emphasis is on promoting healthy decision-making skills.

Secondary Prevention: Aims to detect and address individuals whose life experiences, behaviours, perceptions or attitudes may place them at greater risk of developing problematic drug use patterns. Emphasis is on self-reflection and awareness of life goals, and how drug use could be or become an obstacle to progress toward these goals.

Tertiary Prevention: Aims to reduce or prevent the negative impact of an established drug use pattern that has already begun to cause problems or conflicts in a youth’s life. These efforts are focused on youth who have been involved with drugs on or near campus, or who are identified by school staff or self-identified and referred to IMPACT counsellors. Emphasis is on recognizing specific problems that youth would like to avoid having in their lives, and actions that could be taken toward this goal, as well as resources and supports that might help these youth take and continue these protective actions.