How do we know BEAP Ambassadors aren’t casing the place while they are doing their “work”?

A: We can’t 100% ensure that BEAP Ambassadors aren’t casing the place any more than a business owner can 100% ensure that a new employee isn’t doing the same. But, like interviewing a potential employee and checking their references, BEAP Ambassadors have all gone through a thorough selection processwith the people who know them best… their peers.

Through secret ballot, each Ambassador has been selected because their peers believe they have the capability to positively represent. What’s more, the Ambassadors meet weekly… an hour amongst themselves to troubleshoot any difficulties that may have arisen during the week, and then an hour with representatives from organizations, businesses and homeowners with whom they are collaborating… to troubleshoot further and explore ways to improve, expand and enhance their collaborative efforts.

BEAP’s Ambassadors, and the peers who have selected them, want the project to be successful. They want to hear about any concerns, troubles… and compliments and kudos that the community might have for them.