Foster System Survivors


Starting in April 2018, Impact embarked on a new Fostering Change project (funding by Vancouver Foundation), which over 25 youth and family members with experience in and working with the Foster System have called “Foster System Survivors.”

We are now working to develop a community survey about foster care, trying to support a wide range of community members to think about the foster system, to compare and contrast their thoughts, and then to move into action.

At their first meeting on April 4, 2018, the group intentionally dropped the word “care” from their work, instead wanting to highlight individual “survivors” of the “foster system.” They also agreed that their concern is not so much about changing the system, and more about changing individual lives. There are so many stories of past and on-going challenges that individuals face within the system, but also countless stories of what youth, professionals and community members in and outside of the system have been able to do to improve conditions for individual youth.

We want to build on what is working, recognizing that systems may never be well-positioned to or even capable of “care,” but individuals in and outside of the system definitely can and do care… and, with support from “Foster System Survivors,” we hope individuals can find ways to demonstrate that care more and more!

To join us, contact [email protected] or call 604-897-8066. We are typically doing our work during the Y-FI (Youth-Family Inclusion) meetings at Foundry Abbotsford every Wednesday from 5:30 to 7:30.

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