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30th Annual General Meeting: Harm reduction through the lens of human needs

Tues., June 12, 5:30 p.m. at FOUNDRY Abbotsford

For 2017, Impact adjusted its approach from a focus on addressing risk to a focus on addressing needs. Rather than simply looking at how we can help reduce the harm our clients are exposed to as a result of the risks they take, we challenge ourselves to acknowledge the needs that fuel those risks.

A person who can’t and doesn’t risk, also doesn’t thrive. Why? Because they have lost hope… nothing seems worth the risk. In a way, even what might be called “problematic” substance use can be seen as a glimmer of hope… something worth fighting for.

While Impact has had a “harm reduction” approach for nearly two decades—for this, our 30th Annual General Meeting, in addition to introducing our new logo and new/old name (above), we plan to look at “harm reduction” anew—through the lens of human needs.

Sometimes harm reduction can be seen simply as a tool, or set of tools (e.g. clean needles, condoms, seatbelts, toothbrushes) to reduce exposure to the harms inherent in so-called “risky” behaviours (e.g. drug use, sex, driving, eating candy).

What if we look at harm reduction, instead, as reducing the hazards on the path to meeting our human needs?

Come to our AGM and share, listen, imagine and invent with us! Also have a light meal, check out FOUNDRY Abbotsford (our counselling staff’s new home), become a member of the organization (if you aren’t already – it’s free), and vote for (or even be nominated to join) our 2018-2019 board of directors. Registration starts at 5:30. AGM starts at 6:00 and we should be done by 7:30. Space is limited: Register Here

Serving the communities of Abbotsford and Mission for 30 years, IMPACT is a program that provides services to youth (age 12 to 24) and their families who have been directly or indirectly affected by alcohol and drug use, abuse and addiction. We work within the schools, in the community and at our facility in Abbotsford. We offer drop-in programs for youth,individual counsellingfamily counsellingworkshopsgroups and special programs for parentscommunity members, and educators.

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Our redesigned parent group recently finished its first run, and generated a great deal of discussion, support, ideas and hope among participants and staff alike.
Our next run of the program will be in Fall 2018, once we’ve moved into our new location at FOUNDRY Abbotsford.

Concerns, troubles, and disagreements are guaranteed in life and the parenting journey. What can we do to be in a better place to bounce back and even learn and grow from them?

Research shows resilience is the rule, not the exception. When our human needs are met, we are more resilient.
PRP2 is a chance for caregivers to explore and share the wisdom, experience and gifts that help us learn, grow and show up still living our values (and therefore valuing our lives), despite-even because of-the challenges we face.
Contact [email protected] or 604-853-1766 to register (brief intake required)

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Join the Youth-Family Inclusion (Y-FI) Group!

Vision: A safe place where youth and families communicate and create together.
Young People (12-24), family members/supports, and youth service providers who want to support youth and families to guide the development and operation of Foundry Abbotsford.
Planning and developing how youth and family voices will be honoured as equal partners, and how they will be engaged and engage each other in the hub.
Publicizing the committee and the hub to the community through media and personal outreach. Working together with clear, consensus-driven community agreements. Honouring the contributions of youth a family members who attend (observing, participating or leading) with $10 gift cards.
After school/work every Wednesday from 5:30 to 7:30.

Foundry (Starting in June 2018)
32555 Simon Avenue Abbotsford, BC V2T 4Y2

To get connected to Y-FI (said: wifi), connect with:
Tracey Brezovski
Youth & Family Empowerment Coordinator
Cell: 604-751-2457
[email protected]

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