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Matsqui-Abbotsford Impact Society

Navigating a society where substance use is common

A community that recognizes and responds to substance use needs as a complex issue best addressed through conditions that allow for resiliency.

What We Do

Who We Serve


Counselling related to substance use for youth (12 to 24) and their youth and adult family/supports

Youth Advocacy

Youth influencing innovation in how we approach youth mental health, substance use, and rights

Street Community

Drug War Survivors and Business Engagement Ambassador Project (BEAP) advocacy and citizenship

Guiding Principles & Practices

How We Operate


Trauma is common and can tune nervous systems to be on the look out for danger. We aim to make sure folks we work with feel like they always have choice, are safe, and that they can trust us to follow through for them.

PURPOSES, Mission & Vision

We enact supports and advocacy for and with people with lived and living experience (PWLLE) of substance use, homelessness and/or the child welfare system (and their familial and social supports).

Motivational Dialogue

We can’t motivate anyone. The motivation for change comes from within. But we can all use help figuring out how to proceed when there are things we like and don’t like about consequences of our behaviours & choices.

Direction & Support

Who We Are


We currently have 9 full-time staff in 5 programs

Board of Directors

Our board is composed of citizens of Abbotsford from all walks of life

Funders & Donors

Federal, Provincial, Municipal, Foundations… or make a donation!